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Gothic CookBook Project.

I'm gonna make a cookbook. It's a crafting project. I'm gonna buy a notebook and decorate the cover and put recipes I like and Halloween/Gothic/Horror themed recipes in it. It should be something fun to do.

If anyone else wants to make one we can exchange recipes and links.


Spooky Homes.

Does anyone know any cool sites (ones with gothic/horror/spooky decorating) to look at? Ones with lots of photos.

Group Activity.

There needs to be more activity in this group. Post pictures of your collections, house, car, etc...

If you have any ideas for making the group more active post them.

Halloween 2007!

Does anyone have any interesting photos to post from Halloween?
At my house we were so busy organizing/working on a new fund-raiser spook trail that we didn't decorate our porch for Halloween this year. Well, except for a Happy Halloween sign.


It's not long at all till Halloween! The stores are getting lots of cool stuff. Some are getting really good quality stuff, too. Anyone found anything interesting yet?


I got a HauntSpace! It's a cool site. Add me if you have an account there!


A headboard...

I wanna make a headboard. I have a sheet of wood and a Dremel tool with lots of attachments; including a router.

I need a design.

Any ideas?


New Member!

[Scary Questionnaire]

1. Why do you like scary decor? I have always had a thing for black cats, spiders, witches and halloween decor in general
2. What is your scary style (movies, Halloween, etc.)? I love halloween decor as well as older vampire and zombie movies. I favor the black and white ones though i am a fan of some of the newer ones as well. I'm not big into gore, i'm more into suspense.
3. What are your favorite scary things? I have a few black cat statues I adore as well as a few candle holders [one with a crow and another with purple spider webs on it that i made myself]
4. Do you collect anything specific? items with black cats on them. I'm a fan of black cats and always have been. I have a black cat also.
5. Is there a "prize" item in your collection? I have a original painting of a vampire that one of my friends gave me that she made. it has always been my favorite piece of hers and its special since she gave it to me as a gift [matted and framed as well]
6. Is your whole house decorated or is there a special room for it? my whole apartment is but its a mixture of everything that i like/its not all one style or theme.
7. What other styles do you like? I like catholic stuff as well as heart shaped items. I collect heart shaped things as well.
8. Do you know of any good places to shop? Meijer the day after Valentines or Halloween [everything is 1/2 off] I'm also A fan of www.gothicauctions.com [username =LuciferFlower242] I buy and sell on there and have for years.  Also, www.gothauctions.com [same user name]
9. Anything else you'd like to share? not that I can think of...
10. Do you have any pictures to post? not right now but i'm sure i could take some ^_^

Cyclops Dolly.

OOAK Cyclops Doll I Customized.

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Links to my art:




(My sites are getting lots of updates.)

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OOAK Dolls By Dagon!

Here is a picture of 3 of my OOAK horror dolls my Husband made me. They are on a shelf in my living room.

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