Valentine Horror Bear!

Check out my Ebay Auction for a Unique OOAK Gory Valentine Gift to give to that special someone! Great for horror fans or goths!

Ebay Item number: 200192949291

I also have several comic books and some Heroclix up for auction!

The auctions I have posted end tonight!
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House Stuff.

Scary Christmas.

Did anybody get anything scary for their home for Christmas?

I got the spiderweb brackets that I posted photos of before. Dagon made me a Cthulhu what-not, too. We collect Lovecrafty stuff.

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House Stuff.


Dagon hauntedvision made these spiderweb doorway brackets. I got them as an early Christmas present. They are made from used funeral wreath stands. He made them to look old, since we like Victorian style decor.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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